Create/Edit Your Personal Goals Database
READ ME FIRST: Your goals & values are very personal. Some people are not comfortable sharing their goals with others. The information you enter below is for your own purposes and will not be shared with anyone else. That's why you have a secure login so only you can access your goals database.

In general, if any of your goals are so personal that you don't want to risk them falling into enemy hands, put them in code so only you know what they mean. On the other hand, sharing some of your goals with others can serve as motivation to achieve them.

Answer the questions in each section of the form and submit. Your answers will be used to generate the forms for your personal GoalTender. Once submitted, you can update the goals any time by logging into your account and returning to this page. We recommend updating your goals at least once per month.

IMPORTANT: While you proceed on your goal journey, keep yourself sharp with new concepts and ideas. Be sure to review the goal setting tips page often. As you master the art of goal setting, re-read the articles as they will make more sense and you'll get more value from them after you've gotten your feet wet. We're also updating the articles and submitting new ones often.
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