Create Your Personal GoalTender
Follow these steps to create the forms for your GoalTender

(for a detailed explanation of the GoalTender, go to the Goal Setting Tools page on this site)

  • You will not be asked for any personal information but you need to create a secure   user/password so only you have access to your GoalTender database

Create/Edit Your Personal Goals Database
  • Answering the questions in this exercise will create your personal goal database used to create your goal plan

View & Print your Goals & Supporting Documents
  • NOTE: some of these are not yet available in printable format so we suggest you do screenshots and print them from MS Paint of other graphics application.

Order Your Home GoalTender
  • Although you can come out to this site to update and view your goals at any time, you'll want to have your goals printed and with you at the office and on your nightstand for motivation and notes at any time it occurs to you. We've designed a convenient GoalTender that houses all of your GoalTender forms.

You can log in to your account at any time and update your GoalTender forms as your goals change. We recommend doing this at least monthly.

IMPORTANT: While you proceed on your goal journey, keep yourself sharp with new concepts and ideas. Be sure to review the goal setting tips page often. As you master the art of goal setting, re-read the articles as they will make more sense and you'll get more value from them after you've gotten your feet wet. We're also updating the articles and submitting new ones often.