Goal Setting Tools
If you're serious about goal setting, you're going to need tools to aid in designing, refining, and following your plan. There are many tools available to assist you on your goal setting journey. We have designed one, the GoalTender, demonstrated in the video below. The GoalTender has been tested and refined over twenty years of use and we believe it's a very good aid in defining your goal plan and keeping you on track. That said, there are numerous articles and tools available out here on the web. We encourage you to explore all of your options before investing your money. What works for one person may not work for you.

IMPORTANT: While you proceed on your goal journey, keep yourself sharp with new concepts and ideas. Be sure to review the goal setting tips page often. As you master the art of goal setting, re-read the articles as they will make more sense and you'll get more value from them after you've gotten your feet wet. We're also updating the articles and submitting new ones often.

The GoalTender

The GoalTender has four main forms that you will use to establish and manage your goal plan. These three forms will become your best friends. Pay attention to them every day and they will ensure a lifestyle of happiness and success as defined by you.

- Goal Frame
- Goal Road Map
- Perfect Day
- Goal Picture Frame

Video demonstration of the GoalTender (coming soon)

There are compartments for each form, a compartment for your goal pictures, compartments for archived forms, and a compartment for notes where you will write down things you want to change on all forms the next time you visit our site for an update.

If you've been following the material on this website, you'll be familiar with our MO of attaching music and lyrics to our theories, philosophies, commentary, and pontification. In that spirit, we've built into GoalTender intelligence that automatcically attaches related songs to your personal goals. If you've already created your goal goal database, click here to view your GoalTender forms. If you have not created your personal goals database, click here to get started now.

NOTE: If you've been paying attention and reading the articles to get familiar with the goal setting process, you might be scratching your head saying "I thought the main doctrine for success in goal setting is to write down the goals"? Remember, these doctrines were documented long before typewriters, computers, or the web. There may still be some inherent value in actually "writing" down your goals with a pen and paper but we're quite certain that the 21st century interpretation of the doctrine means having your goals somewhere on paper and not just rattling around randomly in your head. The GoalTender gives you a convenient way to keep your goals organized and updated electronically so you can edit and print updated versions as often as your goals change ... without having to re-"write" the entire plan every time.